Blind Spot Wellness - yoga, mindfulness, meditation - Duluth, Minnesota


Classes are donation based, pay as you can.
All ages, abilities, backgrounds and levels of experience are welcomed with open arms!




Classes are held at It Takes a Village Healing Collective unless otherwise noted.

114 West Superior Street
Duluth, Mn


FREE on the weekends, FREE after 6 p.m. M-F

US Bank Ramp:
FREE for first hour | 130 W Superior St., Duluth



Do you want to deepen your yoga and meditation practice?
Are there areas in your life where you feel ‘stuck’ and need extra support to move forward.
Private sessions and one-on-one’s are a great option for anyone looking to develop a consistent, committed practice.


Blind Spot Wellness - It Takes a Village - Yoga, mindfulness and meditation - Private Sessions

Mindfulness and meditation is a participatory medicine that paves the path of self-development, self-discovery, learning and healing.

By integrating mind and body we begin to understand the connection between how we think and what we feel.

In developing a consistent, committed practice we can reduce our stress, regulate our emotions, increase our immunity, strengthen our relationships and live healthier, happier lives.

Please fill out the Private's Session Intake Form and Alyssa will contact you to set up an appointment.