ARAC Artist Access Grantee

ARAC Artist Access Grantee

Blind Spot Creatives was chosen as one of eight grantees for the Arrowhead Regional Arts Council’s Artist Access Grant. This money will be used to design a new online portfolio in order to make my work more accessible to the community.

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Poetry Open Mic - Third Thursday

Open Mic @ Beaners Central Entrance - Blind Spot Creatives

A few months ago I showed up to an Open Mic Night at Beaners Central Coffee House. 4 people and the staff filled the space. Empty chairs and I was still consumed with hesitation… but, I was convinced this was the most ‘comfortable’ setting to share. Well, that was the beginning. I read three or four ‘poems’ - not because I thought they were very good, or important even, but because I was sick of holding it all in. Ya know, we go through life biting our tongue - sometimes it’s valuable to keep the lip zipped… However, we are living during a time where it is vital we communicate and connect with each other. We preach our freedom, yet how many of us are just sitting by in silence? We are meant to express ourselves, in whatever capacity.

It’s scary finding your voice, but damn it can be fun.

See you the Third Thursday (7-9 p.m.) of the month for Beaners Central Coffee House Open Mic Night!

“Gradually by writing you will learn more and more to be free, to say all you think; and at the same time you will learn to never lie to yourself, never to pretend. But only by writing, and long, patient, serious work will you find your true self.”

-Brenda Ueland