Artist Spotlight KUMD 103.3: Blind Spot Creatives

KUMD 103.3 Minnesota Public Radio - Blind Spot Creatives Interview - Alyssa Johnson - Once Upon an Imagination Photography Reception - Artist Spotlight

Blind Spot Creatives was featured as the Artist Spotlight on Friday, December 7th.
If you missed the online air, check out the FULL INTERVIEW.

Once Upon an Imagination - Photography Opening - Blind Spot Creatives

I had the opportunity to talk with Maija about the upcoming Once Upon an Imagination: Opening Reception that will be held at the The Red Herring Lounge this Thursday, December 13th.

Here is a little tidbit:
KUMD 103.3 FM: What do you hope people can take away from this?

Alyssa Johnson: To slow down, to look around. To realize that life is pretty incredible and that it’s so short, and why are we becoming so busy were we don’t enjoy the simplicity. To watch the seasons change is what it comes down to… Everything around us is teaching us something, and if we can just slow down and be apart of it instead of removed from it maybe there will be a deeper connection with not only others but ourselves, and nature. It’s full circle.

Preparing for the Herring

Blind Spot Creatives - Picture Printing

YEEEHAW ~ pictures are in process!
Here is a little sneak peek into the printing of my upcoming Winter Show at the Red Herring Lounge. I will be displaying some photography exploring childhood innocence, their unadulterated sense of wonder and the beauty in simple things!

Come check it out - on display December 2018 to February 2019.
I will share opening reception details and statements as they arise :)


UNTITLED: on display at Beaners

UNTITLED - Blind Spot Creatives - Gallery @ Beaners

For a long time I’d walk into a coffee shop, the wall plastered with local work, sitting thinking to myself ‘hey, I could do that’. But that crippling voice of doubt and hesitation would scream ‘I’m not good enough’.

Well, time had passed and I became sick and tired of looking at a ‘to-do’ list absent of the things I dreamt of.

So, I penciled myself in.

Come check out some art work. I will have a display of photography, paintings and mixed media on the walls of my favorite local coffee shop. Enjoy some waffles and fresh brew, folks!

UNTITLED: Art by Alyssa
On display for the month of November
Beaners Central Coffee House - Duluth, MN
Closing Reception: November 26, 6-8 p.m.


Poetry Open Mic - Third Thursday

Open Mic @ Beaners Central Entrance - Blind Spot Creatives

A few months ago I showed up to an Open Mic Night at Beaners Central Coffee House. 4 people and the staff filled the space. Empty chairs and I was still consumed with hesitation… but, I was convinced this was the most ‘comfortable’ setting to share. Well, that was the beginning. I read three or four ‘poems’ - not because I thought they were very good, or important even, but because I was sick of holding it all in. Ya know, we go through life biting our tongue - sometimes it’s valuable to keep the lip zipped… However, we are living during a time where it is vital we communicate and connect with each other. We preach our freedom, yet how many of us are just sitting by in silence? We are meant to express ourselves, in whatever capacity.

It’s scary finding your voice, but damn it can be fun. The more we share, the more we realize we’re all the same.

See you the Third Thursday (7-9 p.m.) of the month for Beaners Central Coffee House Open Mic Night!

“Gradually by writing you will learn more and more to be free, to say all you think; and at the same time you will learn to never lie to yourself, never to pretend. But only by writing, and long, patient, serious work will you find your true self.”

-Brenda Ueland