Winter Feels


Winter is an intimate time.
Minnesota - a land with blurred lines. 
It is only when the temperature drops below 0
and the wind blows over 20 mph
that I begin to comprehend the season.

It is the unpredictability of a raw freeze that stops me in my tracks.
Crisp, cold air ~
I finally found the courage to bundle up and enjoy the arctic,
in doing so the melancholy so frequently defined as
the "Winter Time Blues" begins to drift away.

I do not dread the grey skies, they pass like everything else.
Beauty found in the hollowness as I listen to the crunch beneath my feet. 
Waking up to a blanket of white cleanses and creates a new slate.
The barest trees exemplify the fragility of life, 
half naked & empty.
There is an evident vulnerability attached,
a time of deep introspection. 
Nights run long and darkness comes too early..

It's not always comfortable and it's not always exciting.

However, winter whispers secrets other seasons don't know...
It's quiet,
it's still
& it's slow.

Our natural tendency is to want to escape the cold & avoid the shadow-
to run and find warmer thoughts and sunny lands..
Though it is the bone thrilling frost in which character is born and wisdom is found.
Merciless, a constant reminder to face it all without aversion.
To simply appreciate where you stand~
even with frosty feet.