Turn It Off

Blind Spot Creatives - Photography - Realize - Turn It Off Poem

They said honey come down,
you’ve been up for so long.
You can’t live life with your
head in the clouds.

They said oh darlin
you can’t be so sweet,
the harsh ol’ world
will sweep out from your feet.

Pretty girl don’t laugh so loud,
amidst the tragedy
how could you be so proud?

Stay up with the times,
the affairs and the news-
wipe your face
and the dirt from your shoes

Flipping pennies
from tails to heads,
the truth is splattered
in shades of red.

Sucking the life of an innocent child
never having a chance
to live free and wild.

Politics, media, religion,
oh my,
all a piece of the filthy pie.

Tastes and textures
on the surface so sweet,
filling our bellies with
lies and defeat.

Turn it off,
cut the cable,
we’re all apart of change
if only willing and able.