The Day Simplicity Kissed Her Lips

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Sitting and remembering when,
the time before she knew-
just a stranger, crystal blues.

Starting with the checkered floor, 
the way he held a timid girl.
Black and white,
his move, or hers?

She put him off and hung him high,
she left him in a dusty fly. 
She thought she had it all figured out,
yet caution filled an empty heart. 

And in the heat of mid-july
came the daily mountain shower, 
smitten in the rain.
Rain drops fell,
washing away everything
that kept her in and all else out.

Confound in the moment.
Nothing planned, nothing stolen.
Looking up, she caught his eyes,
with a twinkle and a smile.

On the shore, blanket flat-
on the banks, a fickle flume. 
In that moment the World slowed-
fingers tangled, hearts mangled.

She fell forever the day simplicity kissed her lips. 
A mirror reflecting all her hindrances.
Love in the Rockies- who could stop it?
She resisted, he persisted. 

Time had a different story for them to swallow. 
The December freeze, all reasons hollow.

A stray dog knocking on the window sill, 
without logic - waltzing and impulsive. 
A deep desire for discovery,
though lacking all sincere subtlety-
without patience, leaving no chance of recovery.

As she begged and pleaded 'more',
fleeting further from the core. 
Drinking from an empty cup,
measuring time til' goodbye struck.
Piles of unruly expectations
lending doubtful resignations. 

Decades seeking all alone,
in those arms she found a home.
Grasping, Clingy, 
Pushing, Pulling.
Until - not a drop was left.

The smell of pine stays on her mind,
two old souls, no one knows.
Lost and searching for the key,
the lock tempts and torments she.
Sitting, Waiting, Wishing
for another kiss of simple living.

If the chance ever arrises
And fate granted an opportunity to confide in-
She'd tell him the way it was.

A word would not be spoken,
Silence be the golden token.