Sleeping Sickness


walking around in a clouded haze
thinking back to the farm field days
nostalgia becoming more than a craze
filling my presence in a foggy phase

i lay atop the green grass dreaming
of a time before growing up was demeaning
'pack your hours full
'don't ever stop to breath
'keep pushing on in order to receive
still & passively deceived,
the sheep lay dormant
beat with submissive torment

grandfather clock with hands so heavy
never giving a second, i hope you're ready
the Box tells us to live in fear
so we wait for death to cut us clear
no time for living, i can't give in
as i follow the weatherman prediction
hoping he's right so i can play victim
to the rain that never came
and the storm of shame and blame

what role do i display
in this forecasted game?

there is the lion and then the mouse
some need to be heard
so they scream and shout
as the world shakes
we point our middle finger to fate
i gave the power to my Savior above
and he splattered my hands
with dirt and blood
it is not my fault
 i had no choice
i filled the man's expectations
i silenced my voice
i disregarded my passions
in the name of image and fashion


how could this happen,
how could this be?
the chains abound
i'm still not free
the end of my time crept up with haste
has my life been a waste?
i look to the sky from a mahogany box
wishing that someone would
remove the cement rock
those damn numbers stamped with dates
a fallacy of reality
the definition of duality

start and end, 
or so they say-
though how can you finish
when you never began
i color the sky with black pen in hand
crossing out the years of unfinished plans

swept away with the promise of tomorrow
laid to rest in a bed full of sorrow
pick my bones and plaster my blouse
the anticipated dance with death
has been aroused
i took a bite
of the 9 to 5 apple
alluring and natural
seduced by the Paycheck
imagination becoming the reject
it's over before i could cash in
sadness crawls throughout my skin
the answer always was within
how precious this life could have been
if only i had enjoyed the time
i was humbly granted

to grasp the memories
before they fleet
beneath my feet

my eyes open slowly
as I roll over on the bay
was it all a dream
is today a new day?

the phone kept ringing
i wouldnt pick up
a collect call from an old mistress
a vice so malicious
how close the moment can always be
if only the world rid its Apathy

distractions are here to lie and deceit
for life is much more than loss and defeat
dont play dead before the end has come
the noise and disaster is just a
delusion of master
with power of will, all will be
will you blow through life
like the wind and trees?

death is not painful
its our motive to live
the plague we all face is Indifference
our enemy, 
an empty emotion
with no source of guidance
an attempt to move through life
with little to no defiance
being smugged by the history
of what has been
flooding the path of least resistance

the rain begins to poor
as i stand and ask for more
not from an outside source
self-demanding of course
leaving the comfortable covers
in this field of remorse
a bitter fairwell to the sleeping sickness
your time is over
it's my turn to live