Driving on empty

Blind Spot Creatives - Driving on Empty

Autumn Journal - 2017
Onamia, Minnesota

Passing through the country side,
moon to the left, sun on the right. 

No where to go,
nothing to do, 
no one to be,
nothing to prove,
no expectations, 
nothing to lose. 

As the invisible change
rattled her brain,  she slowly moved cutting all strings. 
The puppet found her voice
with strength of will
and personal choice. 

He held her tight, 
the unspoken promise
all was right.
The flame burned hot
with each bit of bark, lights turned up amidst the dark.

The clouds collected
as the rain poured down,
picking the pieces
scattered abound. 

A blue eyed boy brought her home.
and she caved and craved a little more.

'You're going to be the hardest goodbye,
cause we ain't going to slow down
and life keeps moving on.'
So for the night they'll mingle fingers
and tangle thoughts,
a messy puzzle of odds and ends. 

Feet dragging the unpaved ground,
mind spinning the merry-go-round.
A shelter from the vicious storm,
a story lacking sense and form.
The right one, at the wrong time-
impermanence isn't a crime.

Guitars & goodwill,
hiking & cheap thrills.
Silent goodbyes
and a kiss to seal the deal.
Not wishing for anything
but the power to feel.

He came to town and left just as quick,
I-94 West and to the North a bit.
The unpredictability - a future uncharted,
her love so blind it'll never be imparted.
She found herself right where she had started,
with an empty tank and light hearted.
Making it to the station without haste or impatience,
trusting the dirt road and it's gracious invitation.

Morning time came and went,
letters written but never sent.

As the wind of emotion continually blows
her mind rests easy in the unknown.

Experience comes and experience goes -
kick up your feet and watch the show.

Blind Spot Creatives - Driving on Empty