Raft In the Past

Screenshot 2017-12-15 11.19.01.png

I spent my whole life wanting to leave home.
There was always somewhere to be, some place to go....
I was caught in the future with a raft in the past.

Every where I went a shadow would follow
her intentions clear, though outlook clouded.
And then I returned to discover I was back where I started.

Here I stand, exploring the roots that raised me.
I'm finding new things, I'm becoming thankful.
Everything I have loved in my travels has been a reflection of the life I grew up on.
The aspens, the willows, the tendencies, the troubles.
I was experiencing life, yet North the compass would point.
Back to the dirt roads and farm fields that shaped me.

Time is this funny term we use.
Attempting to quantify and qualify our daily experiences into mere seconds, minutes and hours.
Though the only thing time is good for is lessons, she's our teacher.

We never have it figured out
and that is why this life is a blessing.
Every day is different and no matter how lost you are,
your heart is always pointing home.

All we've got to do is listen to the silence, settle in and have some patience.
Experience where you are while you're there.
Be there. Be in the moment.  

Hear the wind, welcome her stories.