New Year's Resolutions


How funny this life is... The experiences and people you gain along the way.
You never know what is to come and you never know until it's over how it's going to affect you. 
I made my way back to Winter Park to take in the New Year.
I left the valley over a year ago, yet have returned every few months for that simple reminder of simple living.

The constant come and go, here and there -
a gauge into the transitions of life.
How much has changed?
How much has stayed the same?
It was here I began to truly look at myself.
Those peaks, so high above,
forced me to acknowledge my flaws and fables.


With the New Year comes exploited personal observation-

These resolutions we feel the need to set.... How great can we become?
Perfection- the fallacy of being our personal best.
It's this very expectation that takes us away from truly being where we are.
I've been motivated by this constant desire to change myself, to transform, to grow.
To think, how much have I inflicted this desire on the ones who surround me?
Always becoming, always departing - though never truly arriving.
Wrapped up in altering my landscape that I forgot to appreciate the view.
When was the last time I was without plans?
Constantly battling myself, unable to simply value my life
as it is without the need to paint pictures of the future that may never rise.
Delusions of grandeur - purpose and prosperity coming from an inflated,
over-exaggerated need to change.
I've been racing around my entire life searching and seeking for something more,
now realizing it's where it's always been....

The week came to an end and it was time to make it back to the Midwest.
Through the night I drove in the silence along the moonlight mile.
Pointing East as I crossed the county lines.
One state after another.
Counting the somber truck stops as I emptied one tank after the next.
Home was where I was heading.
It's always the ride back where you question why you left. 
Some people travel to go somewhere, to escape, to 'get-away'.
Throughout the years I have learned I travel to find myself,
even if only in vain.
It's the people I meet that reveal the greatest secrets, often in the most unlikely ways.
All of these 'trips' impact more than 10 days...
The emotion and experience over flows the empty cup.
You hate what you lose, but you love what you gain.

This year I decided to let go of the resolutions, leave them behind, maybe catch back up at a different time...
Instead I vouch to fill 2017 with acceptance of who I am, where I'm at, and why I'm here.
It's time to embrace my sensitivity instead of shame it.
Welcome experiences as they come instead of trying to create it.
This year is about being instead of becoming, what a breath of fresh air.....