New Beginnings: Part Three

This path-
This path is not easy. 
It is not your typical walk in the park...
'Be mindful'
'Relax into the moment'
J   U   S   T
'Find your breath' they say. 
A light, fluffy matter.

A task for any-
Though it takes some strength. 
There are deep, deep struggles you must first overcome. 
You've got to stare long and hard toward all your habits, your imperfections, impulses, judgements-
And then you have to detach from them.
Accept them. Understand them. Embrace them. Learn from them.
And then let them go.

It doesn't happen overnight --> it is a constant practice.

& it's lonely.

No one can support a battle that is rooted in internal attachment. 
No one can relate on a visceral level, 
Even if you could ever muster the right words. 

Isolated on this lonely island until


find the strength to open to a new day. 
A new way of living, 
Of seeing,
Of perceiving.

Grab your floaty
because you're going to need all the help you can get, 
even with it, some moments will make you sink. 

The broken pieces will cut to the bone,
but keep pushing, keep moving forward.
Cry in the shower, scream in the car-

Suffering is only the start. 

It will pass, 
As it ALWAYS does. 

But remember;

Some things with bitter rinds
hold the sweetest fruit.