Breathe 2017: Going Home [Part 3]


I quickly retorted, 'I don't know, one day I just showed up and now I'm back.' Some of the most profound, life changing moments, are those in which you had no intentions of being apart of, they just happen. The longer I live the more I realize you get what you need when you least expect it an need it most. Breathe is an experience, it isn't something you can quantify or qualify with reflective words and passionate emotions.

Breathe is something that is felt deep within your soul, it's a sense of going Home

Breathe is an opportunity to change or remain the same. There is no agenda. No hidden objectives. It is a crossroads of wanting to grow up and staying innocent to the times. It's the acceptance you've always been looking for. A place to let go of the worlds troubles in order to hear your own voice. It's a morning cup of tea and the sounds of singing echoes from the trees. It's a space to dance in the gravel and sing and play and move and shake your hips. A community kitchen with pots and pans and pistachios, people sharing their food, their thoughts, and their love. When the wind kicks up and you might lose it all, watch the hands eager to help. 

Some are seeking, some are found. There are wanderers and gypsys and vanbums, tiny home dwellers, yogis and jugglers, and fire-spinners, slackliners, musicians playing clarinet and guitar and ukulele and guitalele, banjo, drums, and the shake of the tambourine. There are live concerts at night [thank you Wax Works and The Three Beards] and conversations around the fire ring. 

Breathe is more than a superficial get-drunk-and-tell-your-friends-about-it-festival, the INFLUENCE this gathering has goes much deeper than a weekend spent in the corn field forest of Indiana.

Everyone has something to share, and they share it freely. From the film crew [JV Studios, you are amazing], to the teachers whom donate their time and expertise [CassRachel Matrejek] , and the artists who create, to the collectives [ISHABalancing Earth SlacklinesRocky Mountain Slackline] and the caregivers. Breathe is based on the value's and vision of giftism, it is a priceless lesson in giving with no expectation of return. This environment breeds positivity and leaves each person with optimistic eyes. There is infinite love and support oozing out of every individual that giddily jaunts the field. Families, and freewheelers, and forever friends come together in that connection.

As I sit on the bridge overlooking the forest crick, I watch the water dribble and drop off the rocky edge. This weekend has been a taste of simple living. No clock screaming the time, no forecast to keep you inside, no plans to attend and no worries to fret. Everything is impermenant and as the Somber Sunday Blues near I know this feeling won't last forever, yet I hold on tight. Alone, somewhere I can't be seen. My eyes swell heavy as the tears follow the rivers cue. A quiet bank to catch my thoughts as I drift aimlessly toward the pool, watching each drip ripple it's way out - patterns without order, silence without boredom.

I begin to notice...
My feet are stained with dirt and my hair is piled high with humidity.
My mind is calm, a completely different space than when I first arrived.
My reflection has changed, it's lighter. 
My shoulders slide down my back, the knots unwind in my neck.
The tightness in my tongue simmers
and the tension in my pierced lips has been released. 

It's not what you come for, it's what you leave with. The magic of Breathe isn't held in three days of forgotten distractions, the true change is returning home. You leave with a sense of hope.

Breathe reminds you that you can experience life fully, even when the world around you pokes and prods.

The people you meet tell you you're special, they tell you they love you and they tell you why. They look into your eyes, they wrap their love around your most-often locked up heart and they remind you who you really are. Everything you see is just a mirrored reflection, and the beauty out 'there', in 'them', is everything you hold yourself. Breathe triggers your strengths and allows you to shine as bright as the full moon in July.  Home is not a place, home is not an idea. Home is a feeling, it is a community, it is a family. Breathe is home. It's a way of life. It is opening to the love that swarms around you even when the thunder rolls and the rain pours down. 

When the end is near a lump forms deep in your throat, you've got words in your mind but no sound comes out. 


This moment may be over but the impact has just begun.

The days are long,
yet they pass so quick.
To be apart of this shift,
what an amazing gift. 

[Thank you JV Studios for the family photo]