Healing Defined

Physiologically: biological repair of tissues, organs and the body as a whole in order to resume to normal functioning.
Psychologically: the process by which neuroses and psychoses are balanced leading one to live a fulfilling life without overwhelming psychological despair.
Spiritually: reconnecting with the soul, finding purpose in existence.

Which ever way you look at it, healing is deep.
It's a lot of effort for that little bit of ease.
It is saying sorry, giving forgiveness, and moving on.
It is love, understanding and acceptance.
It is not about forgetting what was, but embracing what is.

Healing isn't about who was right or what was wrong

it's about communication and connection...
Old friends, old family, or your old self.

No more stories, no more preconceptions.
Just an open mind and receiving heart.

Healing is about staying positive even after the dark.

It is finding the silver lining while the sky is in a rage, making the most of the seemingly never ending rain.

Healing is meeting family that never was.
It is sitting at the dinner table as the ephinanies run wild,
falling back in order to see yourself as an innocent little child.
Letting go of what should have been,
Lost in the moment, full and whole.
Love that was always there before pride took hold.

Healing is present, it is truth, it is a process.
Healing is what we all long for
but doubt and fear, shame and guilt
cloud our minds as if it were a sinking ship.
How will we survive, how will we prevail?

One step and the rest will follow,
Ask for life and love and you will never wallow.
Take your hands - place them on your heart
Breathe in deeply and watch the worries depart.


All the broken pieces can be mended,

glue together the darkness and the chaos will be expended.

See that even after the pain, all the shame and all the blame
There can be an everlasting change.

With new eyes, seek wholeness.
With an open heart, feel love.
When it's too much, you can't handle another second,
hold on.
Because right when you think it's over, there is no other way,
the light will shine and the answers will awake.

Be patient as you adapt and know it takes time,
Keep taking steps on the path to the divine.
Once you are there you no longer need a map.
The compass you look for is in your heart,
Your intuition and soul already battled the hard part.
You no longer have to be the struggles you grew old with,

Let go of what no longer lives and breathe in life as it is.