Days Like This

It's mornings like these
when you wonder why you ever slept in...
To miss the purple sky would have been a shame-
Greeted by the light of the fading full moon as the ice reflects the pastel sky.

Walking on water, filled with mystery and wonder.

Some days are like this-
So calm. So peaceful. So clear.

Everything you do and think makes sense-
Every thought, ever feeling, every idea..
like the flakes glistening with the dawn light.

It's days like this,

The ones without hurry and haste,

That remind you of what's important.

Sometimes you don't seek an answer,

You needn't ask why,

The words of your story don't have to rhyme.

Sometimes all you long for is a deep breathe and some crisp air.
A bone chilling gust of wind to bring you back to the simple moment.
The pieces of the puzzle start to look like they fit,
And you remind yourself, you're meant to experience days like this.

It doesn't always happen,
But lately the little things have been making their way into sight.
I mean the real little things...
I've always been in awe of the sunrises, but it's the tiny details of the sparkling ice flakes that catch my eye-
The backroads that I never sought out that continue to inspire.
The life I dreamt of, unfolding gracefully, day-by-day.

it's all around us.


It hasn't always been this way, this optimistic state of mind-
Most of the time I'm racing through life with momentum fueling my motivation,
Going through the motions as if it were my day job...
So entirely caught up in what's next that I leave behind what already is.

It's the simple moments that bring about the brightest insight.

Confusion and worry fall away as I realize

the only goal is to not have a goal-

To not have a plan,

An expectation,

A destination.

The real struggle in life is to be present.
And once you find it, you find it surrounds you.
Everything you could have ever imagined is in this second, to experience every one of your senses....
To feel.
to hear.
to see. 
to touch. 
to taste the freshness of this life.
To BE, wholly as you are-
That is what living is all about.

There are going to be cracks, pivots, struggles and lessons-
Yet what is life with out a bit of balance.
It won't always make sense, but once and a while is enough.
Enjoy what you've got before it's all gone and remember life is what you make it.
Make it meaningful, make it joyful, and fill it with gratitude.

Before you know it, it'll all be over-
So take what you need and give what you can.
Every day is filled with pure beauty, all we've got to do is open our eyes and enjoy the ride.