A few days ago I found myself walking in the woods. 
I had no plan, no time constraints, and no where to be...

Getting lost wasn't the goal but it definitely was an option.

After an hour of wandering I decided maybe I should start thinking about getting back. I walked a few minutes further down the path, taking a left when I thought I should. In that very second I began to second guess myself. I thought I was going the right way; the trees, the pond, the mushrooms all looked the same as before, but somehow I was on a different road than I started. Or was I?

I walked forward only to turn around again...

I was indecisive, questioning each decision, writing it off as a mistake.

How relatable to all that happens in life...
If I would have taken the initial left and kept heading north,
I would have been to my car in 10 minutes flat.
Instead, I walked the circle again.
I was enjoying the scenic route and all it had to teach me.

You have this gut feeling where your intuition tells you to keep going, but your fear, your insecurities, your doubt and need for recognition hold you back from moving forward.

it is this slow down, turn around, and continuous circle that keeps us from attaining our dreams.

For myself, I am always looking for validation through someone else's acceptance. Though have been proven time-and-time again that the only acceptance you need is within. If you can confidently love who you are and trust that you have what it takes, you can do anything you set your mind to.
Always challenge yourself, but never second guess your instinct.

I made it back to my car just fine, it never was all that serious...
However, the concept stuck with me.
Move forward in a positive direction, even if it doesn't always feel right, you will find your way.

Feeling lost is just the beginning of discovery-
of understanding something that once never made sense.

Enjoy the ride.
The up's, the down's,
the moments of profound clarity and the cloudy skies of haze. 

Everything happens for a reason, to teach us a lesson.