The Ghost of You

I went to the bench to sit by your stone,
Today, like many, I felt alone.

Two days - etched - your forever thrown.
One the beginning - the next unknown.

That little dash that sits between
holds the memories and the dreams.

Who were you, what's your name?
Were you free - or - full of shame?

I went to the bench to sit by your stone-
Is there more than a box filled with brittle bones?

The ghost of you - strange to me,
Speaks in silence;
The wind. The trees.

'Your soul is what is left behind,
It knows no difference between an hours time.'

A life worth living is all you can share -
Yet, how few of us truly dare?

I went to the bench to sit by your stone.
A pile of dirt or an infinite soul?

That little dash pulled me in.
The days that pass,
The minutes won't last.

Who were you, what's your name?
Were you free or full of shame?

Did you live well, did you sin?
Was it worth it in the end?

The Dock

Let’s run away, she said.
Take my hand,
We’ll go to the dock – find new land.
As fast, as fast, as fast as we can.

Hop on, set sale.
Hold on, don’t bail.
Let go of it all,
Roll with the wake.
Watching as the rest of the world begins to shake.

The river of hopes,
The river of dreams,
Come with me, come with me, come with me
She screams.

The only limitations you will face
Are the memories that bring you back to this place.
Let them go with the wind that blows on your brow.

Goodbye, fair well, I’ll see you soon–
Fate is knocking and I mustn’t be rude.

The way to win the race
Is to forget about the chase.

Do it for love
Forget about glory.
What is your purpose, what is your story?

Jump on board, it’s all you can afford.
Stay – miserably comfortable on barren land,
Or- delve deep into the mystery, believe you can.

Let’s run away, she said.
Take my hand,
Leave the dock – lets find new land.

West Coast Blues


Living like there isn't a cloud in the grey skies.
Coming and going, never really knowing.
Goodbyes, until next times.
'I'll miss you' she cries.

Attempting to break the fall without ever slowing down.
60 in a 45, flying down the mountain side.
Pine sap in the air, black cat in the rearview. 

Never been to heaven, but in those arms a home was found.
Rolled down windows as the cold chill moved in-
Will you remember this feeling or will it disappear with the wind?
Swept up by faith, forgetting all reason.

Too lost in the emotion,
she couldn't enjoy the moment. 

See you soon is all she said, 
Goodbye, Goodbye,
I'll see you next time.
Whistling those west coast blues.

Continental Divide , COLORADO
Gray's and Torrey's Peak
summer 2014

Start‎: ‎11,280 feet
Total Gain‎: ‎3,600 feet
Summit‎: ‎14,270 feet