& so it is

It's when things don't make sense
I find myself in the woods.

I've got a thinking mind, bless my heart, that never wants to take a break.

Rewind, replay and fast forward.
It seems harder now,
more than ever,
to simply pause.

Somewhere between the deep rows of pines
& bushes of wild berries
my thoughts cease
-even if only momentarily.
It's a fleeting feeling that brings you back down to earth.
A reminder that I am small
& there is so much more to this life than the thinking mind.

Let it be;
the constant analysis,
interpretation and understanding.
Things are the way they are,
and that is the way.

Yet again,
I find myself humbly grateful for the silent places,
the secrets hid in the most familiar spaces.
Man is meant to live, not prepare to live.

& so it is....