Note to self.... [Get out of the way]

NOTE TO SELF - 8.27.16

We've all got insecurities, these faults in our stars...
The insight we lack is that these impurities,
Imperfections, traits, habits, behaviors
We hold are absolutely normal-
Apart of the human condition.

It is our flaws and foibles which connect us.
It's what makes us special, unique, authentic....

Our potential is infinite if we break down the walls,
Wipe away the illusions
In order to see what is behind each of our fears and doubts.

If we can get passed the years of conditioning-
And acceptance coincides-
We can begin to percieve things as they really are.

All we see is all we have imagined.
What we think, we will become.

The universe isn't out to get us,
It's interested in moving us forward. 
Though, this is only possible if we let it.

Our continuous gripping and clinging to the past will only hold us back.
Our constant field of expectations and chaotic plans for the future blind us to what so clearly presents itself.

We are our own destiny-

This life is just one experience,
You chose how you want to live it.