Alyssa Johnson

is an artist, writer & teacher LIVING on the BEAUTIFUL shores of lake superior.

Photo courtesy of Cory Eull. Duluth, Mn.

Photo courtesy of Cory Eull. Duluth, Mn.

My ma tells the story well….

As she’s lying in the bathtub 8-months pregnant she began to see outlined feet coming from the inside.
I’ve been excited about life long before I left the womb… and not a thing has changed.

Reflective in nature, my art is grounded in the quiet subtleties of the day-to-day.
It is here, in the simple moments, I find meaning and inspiration.
Beauty is all around, art is my reminder to slow down in order to notice and appreciate it.

Innocent to technical form I have dabbled with many mediums,
though have a strong emphasis on coupling photography with writing.

I find the most meaningful moments tend to be the simplest,
each struggle has a silver lining
and the more love I give, the more love I find.

With untethered optimism I believe each and every one of us has a purpose;
my only obligation in life is to share myself, shamelessly.

Welcome to my outlet.